Zocor and Myopathy Side Effects

Zocor and myopathy side effects may be linked, according to FDA warnings, and Zocor lawsuits may be filed by attorneys. If you have been affected by myopathy side effects, contact an experienced lawyer today.

In light of new information about the risk of myopathy side effects among Zocor patients, the statin drug may no longer be considered safe for some patients. Zocor belongs to a class of medications called HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, better known as statins, which reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood while increasing the levels of good cholesterol. Zocor is currently manufactured by drug firm Merck & Co., and has been available in the U.S. since its garnered FDA approval in 1991. Zocor is commonly used to lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other heart problems in patients with diabetes, coronary heart disease, and other risk factors. However, recent Zocor side effect studies and FDA warnings have indicated that the statin drug may pose a serious health risk for some patients, a risk which may significantly outweigh the possible benefits of the medication. If you took Zocor to treat your high cholesterol and have since experienced a myopathy side effect, contact a Zocor attorney for legal help.

Myopathy Symptoms and Complications

Myopathy describes any disease that affects muscle tissue, potentially resulting in symptoms like weakness, tetany (spasms), inflammation and paralysis. Other myopathy symptoms may include pain, cramping, rigidity and stiffness. Rhabdomyolysis is the most severe form of myopathy, and occurs when muscle fibers in the body break down, releasing muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream to be filtered out of the body by the kidneys. Unfortunately, myoglobin breaks down into potentially harmful compounds, which may block the structure of the kidneys, possibly causing severe kidney damage, kidney failure, and even death. If left untreated, myopathy can also result in complications like chronic muscle pain (myalgia), disability or paralysis.

Zocor Side Effect Studies and FDA Warnings

In recent years, the FDA has issued a number of safety announcements, warning patients and physicians about the myopathy side effect risks associated with the statin Zocor. In 2010, the FDA issued an official warning indicating a possible link between the cholesterol-lowering medication Zocor 80mg and an increased risk of myopathy, or muscle injury, among patients. Although myopathy is a known side effect of all statins, the FDA announcement highlighted the greater risk of developing myopathy, including rhabdomyolysis, for patients using higher doses of the drug.

In June 2011, the FDA announced the implementation of new safety recommendations for high-dose Zocor, because the highest-approved dose – 80mg – was associated with an elevated risk of myopathy, particularly during the first 12 months of use. After observing this myopathy side effect risk, illustrated by clinical trials, observational studies, and adverse event reports, the FDA recommended that Zocor 80mg only be used in patients who have been taking this dose for 12 months or more, and have not experienced any muscle toxicity. According to this data, patients taking Zocor 80mg daily had an increased risk of myopathy, compared to patients taking lower doses of Zocor or other statin drugs. The agency also advised that Zocor not be prescribed to new patients.

Zocor Attorneys for Myopathy Side Effects

Myopathy is an extremely dangerous side effect which may even lead to death in some cases. If you or a loved one has suffered from a myopathy side effect which you believe to be linked to the statin drug Zocor, contact a Zocor attorney for legal help. You may have grounds to file a Zocor lawsuit against Merck & Co. in order to seek financial compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. You are not at fault for any injuries caused by a dangerous pharmaceutical drug, and you should not be held responsible for the resulting consequences. Drug companies like Merck are expected to produce safe medications, and should be held liable for any adverse side effects sustained by consumers of their products. With the help of an experienced Zocor lawyer, victims of potential Zocor side effects can protect their rights and collect the compensation they deserve.

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