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Victims of side effects associated with Bayer's Trasylol should seek guidance from a Trasylol lawyer. Experienced lawyers can help injured victims collect the compensation they deserve.

Mounting evidence concerning the potential for the clotting drug Trasylol to cause severe side effects in patients led the FDA to issue a Trasylol recall in 2007, fourteen years after the agency originally approved the medication for use in the United States. According to Trasylol side effect studies conducted in the years leading up to the Trasylol recall, the clotting drug has been linked to major side effects, including heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, and even death. Trasylol (aprotinin) was approved by the FDA in 1993, and was manufactured by Bayer AG before it was finally removed from the market in 2007. When Trasylol was still in use, it was commonly administered to prevent bleeding in patients undergoing open heart surgery. Four years after Trasylol sales were discontinued, Bayer continues to face litigation for serious side effects sustained by patients who took the drug prior to its suspension. If you used the clotting drug Trasylol and have since suffered from a major side effect, fill out the Trasylol Claim Review Form to consult an experienced Trasylol lawyer.

What Went Wrong With Trasylol

During the course of Trasylol's time on the market, estimates indicate that the clotting drug was used in one-third of all open heart surgeries in the United States. Unfortunately, this means that a number of patients may have suffered from major side effects, or may still be at risk of experiencing life-threatening complications in the near future. Serious concerns about the safety of Trasylol began to surface in 2006, when a Canadian drug trial was terminated prematurely because researchers found Trasylol patients were dying at a higher rate than other patients in the study. In fact, the trial indicated a 50% increased risk of death among patients taking Trasylol, compared to other drugs. Alarming results gathered during other Trasylol side effect studies led the FDA to issue a "black box" warning for Trasylol in 2006, and the drug was finally pulled from the market in 2007.

Trasylol Lawyers for Side Effects

According to a number of Trasylol side effect studies, patients who are administered the drug during open heart surgery may be at risk of suffering from one or more potentially fatal side effects, including:
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Kidney failure
  • Death
When faced with evidence of Trasylol's potential to cause serious side effects in patients, an FDA advisory panel recommended that Trasylol remain on the market in the U.S., a decision that was made in 2006, a month before the failed Canadian trial was begun. Unfortunately, estimates indicate that approximately 431,000 patients were treated with Trasylol between 2006 and 2007, when the FDA directed Bayer to halt sale of the dangerous medication.

How a Trasylol Lawyer Can Help You

If you received Trasylol therapy and have since experienced a severe side effect, contact a knowledgeable Trasylol lawyer for legal help. You may have grounds to file a Trasylol lawsuit against Bayer, in order to seek financial compensation for your injuries, the medical cost of treating your injuries, and the pain and suffering sustained by you and your family. The main goal of Trasylol lawyers is to help victims of possible Trasylol side effects protect their rights and bring public attention to the harmful nature of the pharmaceutical drug. Trasylol lawyers have experience in defective drug litigation and can help injured victims collect the information they need to adequately support their claim.

How to Contact a Trasylol Lawyer

The side effects linked to Bayer's Trasylol are serious and can severely alter an affected individual's quality of life. If you or a loved one has suffered from a potentially fatal side effect which you believe to be associated with Trasylol therapy, fill out the Trasylol Claim Review Form to discuss your claim with a Trasylol lawyer. Drug companies like Bayer are responsible for the safety of their medications, and should be held liable for any adverse side effects sustained by consumers of their products. Unfortunately, some pharmaceutical companies intentionally conceal the more serious side effects of their drugs in an attempt to make their product more appealing to the public. This deceptive practice puts millions of consumers at risk of experiencing serious adverse side effects, and possibly even death. With the help of a qualified Trasylol lawyer, injured victims can protect themselves from further harm and collect the compensation they deserve.

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