Tegretol and Limb Defect Side Effects

Tegretol attorneys across the country are investigating injury claims filed by victims of side effects, including limb defects. If you have been affected by the anticonvulsant drug, contact a Tegretol attorney to explore your compensation options.

Tegretol side effect studies have warned patients that the anticonvulsant drug may be linked to the development of major birth defects, including limb defects, among children. Tegretol (carbamazepine) has been available in the U.S. since 1974 and is currently FDA-approved for the treatment of neuropathic (nerve) pain, epilepsy and the manic phase of bipolar disorder. Tegretol is manufactured by drug company Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and works by inhibiting nerve impulses that cause pain and seizures. Since its inception, Tegretol has become one of the most commonly prescribed anticonvulsant drugs available in the U.S. Unfortunately, new information indicates that women who take Tegretol while pregnant may have a significantly increased risk of giving birth to children with one or more serious side effects, including limb birth defects. If you took Tegretol while pregnant and your child was born with a life-altering birth defect, contact an experienced Tegretol attorney, as your child may be entitled to lifetime care.

Limb Defects Described

Limb defects occur when an upper or lower limb, or a portion of a limb, fails to fully develop in utero, resulting in an absent or malformed hand, foot, arm or leg. Limb defects can present in a number of different ways, including complete absence of a limb, undergrowth (limb is smaller than normal), overgrowth (limb is larger than normal), duplication (extra fingers or toes), failure to separate (webbed fingers or toes), and constriction band syndrome (a constricting band of tissue forms around the limb, cutting off blood flow and tissue growth).

Club Foot

One of the most common types of limb defect is club foot, a condition in which one or both of a child's feet are smaller than normal and internally rotated at the ankle. Although club foot is painless at birth, the condition will only worsen over time, becoming a considerably debilitating malformation later in life. As the child grows, he may begin to walk on his ankles or the outsides of his feet, causing large callouses or sores to develop. Children with club foot may also suffer from restricted calf muscle growth and an awkward gait.

Tegretol Side Effect Studies

In 2001, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study in which researchers determined that anticonvulsant drugs like Tegretol are one of the most common causes of potential harm to the fetus. Researchers screened 100,000 women between the years 1986 and 1993, dividing them into groups based on the extent of their anticonvulsant use during pregnancy. Of the women who took only one anticonvulsant while pregnant, 87 took Dilantin, 58 took Tegretol, and six took Depakote, among others. According to the report, 20.6% of infants exposed to one anticonvulsant in utero were born with major birth defects, compared to 28% of infants exposed to two or more anticonvulsants, and only 8.5% of unexposed infants. Furthermore, researchers indicated that 13.8% of children whose mothers took Tegretol alone while pregnant developed severe birth defects, including limb defects, growth retardation and spina bifida.

Tegretol and Pregnancy

Tegretol has been classified by the FDA as a pregnancy category D medication, which means there is positive human evidence illustrating its potential to cause serious harm to a fetus when taken during pregnancy. If you are currently taking Tegretol and you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, consult your healthcare provider to discuss alternative treatment options. It may be dangerous to suddenly discontinue use of a prescription medication, but with your doctor's help, you may be able to find a safer way to treat your condition.

Tegretol Attorneys for Limb Defect Side Effects

Although limb defects aren't life-threatening disorders, they can severely restrict a child's development, preventing him or her from performing everyday tasks like climbing the stairs or playing with toys. If you or a loved one has suffered from a limb defect which you believe to be associated with Tegretol, contact a qualified Tegretol attorney for legal help. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering, which you can collect by filing a Tegretol lawsuit against Novartis Pharmaceuticals. The main goal of Tegretol attorneys is to help injured victims protect their rights and hold the allegedly negligent drug company liable for their injuries. With the help of a skilled Tegretol lawyer, victims of potential Tegretol side effects can collect the compensation they deserve and protect themselves and their family from further harm.

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