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Although previous studies suggested that the smoking cessation drug Chantix causes an increased risk of cardiovascular events in patients with heart disease, a new study has published even more alarming results which affect all Chantix users. Chantix (varenicline) is manufactured by Pfizer, Inc. and works by stimulating nicotine receptors more weakly than nicotine does, thereby reducing nicotine cravings and helping smokers quit. Chantix was approved via the FDA's "priority review" in 2006, which means the drug was only required to undergo a six-month review rather than the typical ten months. This FDA action was taken in response to the demonstrated effectiveness of Chantix in clinical trials and its perceived lack of safety issues. However, the release of this new study has launched a heated debate about the safety of Chantix for all consumers, leading experts to call for a Chantix recall in the U.S. If you took the smoking cessation drug Chantix and have since suffered a major side effect like heart attack or stroke, fill out the Chantix Claim Review Form to discuss your legal options with a Chantix lawyer.

Potential Chantix Side Effects

The most recent FDA warning concerning Chantix side effects was issued in June 2011, and notified patients and healthcare providers about the increased risk of cardiovascular side effects, like heart attack and stroke, in Chantix users with heart disease. Only a month after this warning, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a new study indicating a correlation between Chantix and a 72% increased risk of heart attack and stroke, even in patients without heart disease. The potentially harmful nature of Chantix has been apparent for several years. In 2007, only a year after the drug was approved, the FDA's adverse event report system indicated that Chantix was responsible for more occurrences of serious injury than any other drug. In 2008, the Institute for Safe Medical Practices (ISMP) published its findings regarding Chantix side effects, the results of which led the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, and the Department of Defense to institute Chantix bans for some of their personnel.

Chantix Lawyers for Side Effects

The two most prevalent side effects potentially linked to Chantix are heart attack and stroke, two extremely dangerous, life-altering conditions. A stroke is caused by an interruption in the supply of blood to the brain, preventing an adequate amount of blood and oxygen from reaching the brain. Without a sufficient supply of oxygen, the brain will be unable to function properly and brain cells will begin to die. Common symptoms of stroke include changes in alertness, numbness or tingling on one side of the body, and confusion. A heart attack occurs when there is a blockage in the blood vessels carrying blood to the heart, usually caused by a blood clot. Without access to enough blood, the heart can't get the oxygen it requires, and will become severely damaged. Heart attack victims often exhibit symptoms like chest pain, and can lead to life-threatening complications like heart failure and stroke.

How a Chantix Lawyer Can Help Side Effect Victims

If you or a loved one has suffered from a side effect and you believe Chantix to be the cause, contact a Chantix lawyer to discuss the benefits of filing a Chantix lawsuit against Pfizer. The goal of Chantix lawyers is to help victims seek financial compensation for their injuries and medical expenses, and to protect themselves from further harm. Consumers are not responsible for any injuries caused by a pharmaceutical drug, because drug companies like Pfizer are expected to produce and distribute safe medications. Unfortunately, some pharmaceutical companies intentionally conceal the more serious side effects of their medications, in order to make their products more appealing to the public. This deceptive practice exposes millions of consumers to serious injury and even death, without their knowledge. By hiring a Chantix lawyer to represent their case, victims of potential Chantix side effects can protect their rights and successfully stand up to big drug companies.

Contact a Chantix Lawyer for Help

Filing a defective drug lawsuit can be a complicated process. Fortunately, Chantix lawyers are experienced in defective drug litigation and can help guide victims through the necessary steps. Chantix lawyers are valuable resources to have on your side when filing a Chantix lawsuit. They are able to obtain important information pertaining to your case, like medical records and insurance documents, and also have access to the professional testimonies of medical and scientific experts. If you or a loved one has suffered from a potential Chantix side effects, fill out the Chantix Claim Review Form to discuss your claim with a qualified Chantix lawyer. Chantix lawyers can help injured victims seek fair and timely reimbursement, while also bringing public attention to the importance of safe medications and the need for more strict regulations on the dangerous drugs already on the market.

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